HubShots: the Unofficial Down Under HubSpot Podcast
Your weekly shots of HubSpot Goodness!

Perfect for Marketing Managers - each week Ian Jacob and Craig Bailey discuss inbound marketing, industry trends and HubSpot tips.

"Thank you for creating this podcast, it's awesome... I listen to it and I really enjoy it."  - Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot

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A typical HubShots episode includes:

Industry Trends

A look at the trends, challenges and tactics that leading marketing managers and sales professionals are encountering.

HubSpot Tips & Tricks

New HubSpot features and tips for using key HubSpot functionality, covering both the Marketing platform and HubSpot CRM. 

Growth Tactics

We share our real-world experiences using HubSpot and Inbound Marketing strategies. Complete with our mistakes and learnings!

Your hosts: Ian Jacob and Craig Bailey

Our goals with the podcast:

  • weekly updates
  • high value content for marketing managers
  • usable HubSpot tips and tricks
  • action items that you can put into practice straight away
  • the latest HubSpot news and releases

Ian & Craig at Inbound with Brian Halligan:

Craig - Brian - Ian at Inbound 2016

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Your weekly shots of HubSpot goodness

Join us each week as we cover HubSpot news, tips, features and share our real-world experiences (including our mistakes!).
Perfect for time-poor marketing managers looking for a quick inbound marketing pick-me-up.