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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Episode 47: HubSpot Composer, Planning a Campaign, Awesome Facebook Tip

Welcome to Episode 47 of HubShots!

Recorded: Tuesday 16 August 2016 | Published: Friday 26 August 2016


Shot 1: Inbound Thought of the Week

Inboundcountdown.com – 84 days left

New Spotlight Speaker – Serena Williams – http://www.inbound.com/speakers/serena-williams 

Shot 2: HubSpot Feature/Tip of the Week

Point out the product updates page  > http://www.hubspot.com/product-updates

May 17:


In BETA – New Composer in Blog

Composer   HubSpotLooks like you can manage the editorial process all within HubSpot!

Craig’s comment: seems a bit underwhelming at this early stage, will be interesting to see how it develops from here. Like how it will paste from Google Docs and clean up the formatting.

Shot 3: Challenge of the Week

Prepare more PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint all the things!

Shot 4: Opinion of the Week

Big agency work is going to be under fire from smaller agencies.

For all of their ‘research’ they often miss big players in the market if they don’t understand the industry well.

Understanding your customer’s industries is vital and can’t be substituted with general research.

If you have an intimate knowledge of your business and industry this gives you a distinct advantage over other companies that enter the market and rely on outside research.

Shot 5: Pro Tip of the Week

Larry Kim had an awesome Facebook Likes post a few weeks back:


Shot 6: State of Inbound Item of the Week

Setting up your first Inbound campaign in HubSpot – Part 2

Last week we mentioned the Projects available in the Productivity menu

Over the next few weeks we’re going to discuss the Content Offer Campaign:

pasted image 0

Last week: Content creation => content offer => persona => buyer’s journey stage

This week:

  • Content campaign

Next week:

  • Content promotion

hubshots content offer project

Very important:

Define campaign details:

  1. Set attainable visit, lead, and customer goals.
  2. Determine a timeline (if applicable).
  3. Associate the buyer persona(s).

2 tools we use:

For creating Content Downloads quickly use > Beacon – http://beacon.by/

To create Call to Actions and blog and social images use > Canva – https://www.canva.com/

Shot 7: Motivation of the Week

Focussing on the positives – email stats

hubshots hubspot email stats

Shot 8: Resource of the Week

3 Unusual Hacks to Dramatically Up Your LinkedIn Game


Shot 9: Community Item of the Week

The results from using SlideShare with CTAs


Key point: if you write content for other sites, often they won’t let you include a CTA in the content, but they have no problem if you have a SlideShare deck embedded – which itself has a CTA.

Shot 10: Listener Tip of the Week

Justin Theng: Sometimes when you’re testing your smart fields and progressive forms, in order for it to work you have to put your browser in incognito mode 🙂

Justin mentioned that in our HubShots WhatsApp group – you should join us: https://hubshots.com/whatsapp/ 

Shot 11: Podcast of the Week

Marketing School – I’m a fan now too:


Shot 12: Thought of the Week

Do we allocate time to think & plan?

Shot 13: Quote of the Week

I attract a crowd, not because I’m an extrovert or I’m over the top or I’m oozing with charisma. It’s because I care. – Gary Vee

HubShots 47

Sydney Harbour Bridge

HubShots Episode 46: HubSpot Email Smart Send, Building Your First Inbound Campaign

Welcome to Episode 46 of HubShots!

Recorded: 08 August 2016 – Published: 18 August 2016

Welcome to the Olympic edition

Shot 1: Inbound Thought of the Week

Ali Wong is the comedian (last year it was Amy Schumer)


91 days and counting to INBOUND! http://inboundcountdown.com 

Chris Brogan’s post on how to survive as an introvert at a big event:


See also Craig’s wife’s tip:


pasted image 0 2

Shot 2: HubSpot Feature/Tip of the Week

Email Smart Send


Schedule your email to adjust to each recipient’s local time zone.

Shout out to Chris Mottram who produces our podcast: http://www.mottrammediagroup.com/ 

pasted image 0 1

Craig’s request: make it available for RSS-to-Email sends as well…

Shot 3: Challenge of the Week

Customers wanting to put sales content in the awareness stage.

We’re working on an ebook campaign with a major brand – the ebook provides high value content for people starting their journey. There’s a second ebook and full email nurture campaign designed that will guide contacts along their journey. Everything was signed off, but at the last minute the GM has questioned the ebook and asked for a 4 page sales promotion to be added to the first ebook…

The Buyer’s Journey:



Shot 4: Opinion of the Week

I like Instagram Stories

Haven’t found anyone who doesn’t… really liked how Kevin Systrom gave snapchat all the credit for the stories format and then spoke about the value of formats:


Eg News feed, hashtags, @usernames, filters are examples of formats

Innovation can include taking an existing format and applying to a new platform/audience

Shot 5: General Tip of the Week

Instagram Stories > Swiping left to access publishing immediately!

Shot 6: State of Inbound Item of the Week

Setting up your first Inbound campaign in HubSpot

Check out the Projects available in the Productivity menu

Over the next few weeks we’re going to discuss the Content Offer Campaign:

pasted image 0 3

View the template and Add to your projects.

Click on each item to see instructions for each step

  • Content creation => content offer => persona => buyer’s journey stage
  • Content campaign
  • Content promotion



Always map your content offer to your buyer personas and a buyer’s journey stage.

Buyers Journey and Content

Shot 7: Motivation of the Week

Unsubscribe from all your noisy newsletters!

Also try Unroll.me (thanks Chris)

Shot 8: Resource of the Week

Redirects will potentially give full value – Google will work it out:


Shot 9: Community Item of the Week

AdWords expanded text ads:


Shot 10: Podcast of the Week

Content Sells episode 34: Content Plan – The Can’t-Get-It-Wrong Content Marketing Strategy



Excellent reminder of planning out content

Shot 11: App of the Week

Instagram – play with Instagram stories

HubShots Episode 46

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Episode 45: Considering HubSpot Costs

Welcome to Episode 45 of HubShots!

Recorded: Monday 01 August 2016 – Published: Thursday 11 August 2016


Join our HubShots WhatsApp Group: https://hubshots.com/whatsapp/

Shot 1: Inbound Thought of the Week

98 days until Inbound –  http://inboundcountdown.com

New Keynote Speaker announced:


Reshma Saujani – http://reshmasaujani.com/

Author, Founder & CEO of Girls Who Code – https://girlswhocode.com/



Girls Who Code

Brian and Dharmesh got bumped from the speaker page ?


Shot 2: HubSpot Feature/Tip of the Week


What is coming:

Merge Companies like you do with contacts – In development http://ideas.hubspot.com/forums/76407-general-hubspot-ideas/suggestions/6940198-merge-companies-like-you-do-with-contacts

Create ability to have parent accounts, and sub accounts – In design http://ideas.hubspot.com/forums/76407-general-hubspot-ideas/suggestions/6675612-create-ability-to-have-parent-accounts-and-subacc

“Pin” a note to the top of a contact or company timeline – In design http://ideas.hubspot.com/forums/76407-general-hubspot-ideas/suggestions/9936039–pin-a-note-to-the-top-of-a-contact-or-company-ti

Shot 3: Challenge of the Week

Customers complaining about the cost of keeping contacts in their database…

Shot 4: Opinion of the Week

Cost of Acquisition versus Cost of Nurture (Cost of Retention)


Interesting to consider when people complain that it costs too much to keep people in the database.

Cost of Nurture

Consider 10K contacts:

MailChimp: $75 = 0.75c per contact per month or 9c per year – http://mailchimp.com/pricing/growing-business/

Active Campaign: $350 = 3.5c per contact per month or 42c per year – http://www.activecampaign.com/pricing/

HubSpot: $1050 + $68 x 9 = $1662 = 16.6c per contact per month or $2 per year – http://www.hubspot.com/pricing/marketing#?currency=AUD (should actually use USD pricing as this would be comparable with the other two examples)

Compare this with the cost of acquisition

Often B2B companies are happy if they can get a lead for less than $100 per lead

On Facebook we’ll often get leads for less $20, and this is considered an excellent result.

So: B2B businesses are usually happy to pay $20+ per lead, but will baulk at paying $2 per lead to nurture them for a year…

Solve for the problem: Cost of retention is NOT the problem!

Instead: Focus on reducing cost of acquisition OR improving conversion rate OR increasing lead quality OR…

Shot 5: General Tip of the Week

Facebook Time on site Custom Web Audiences:


I don’t have it yet 🙁

Shot 6: State of Inbound Item of the Week

George B Thomas is back with us!

A disturbance in the inbound force…

Shot 7: Motivation of the Week

George B Thomas lessons on Facebook live chat:


A good reminder of the real priorities in life!

Shot 8: Resource of the Week


Shot 9: Community Item of the Week

Using Slack to DM yourself notes (e.g. copy URLs from phone to desktop)

Shot 10: Podcast of the Week

Marketing School by Neil Patel & Eric Siu.


Shot 11: App of the Week


Get your point across with fewer words using annotation, shapes and sketches, so that your ideas become reality faster.


Wins the award for least informative product page in the history of the internet!

HubShots Episode 45

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Episode 44: HubSpot Cold Contact Lists, Morality of Popups

Welcome to Episode 44 of HubShots!

Recorded: Monday 25 July 2016 – Published: Friday 05 August 2016


Shot 1: Inbound Thought of the Week

Within 100 days of INBOUND16! http://inboundcountdown.com

Inbound agendas are up
Love the diversity – at least 64 women speakers (out of 141)

#Inbound16 meetup is a go! George B Thomas tweeted

Join our HubShots WhatsApp Group

Shot 2: HubSpot Feature/Tip of the Week

Building a Cold Contact list – here’s a very simple way you can build a cold contact smart list:

Shot 3: Opinion of the Week

The “morality” of popups

Finding the balance between generating leads and giving the user a great experience.

Consider less intrusive options:
Exit intent
Side reveal – less intrusive

Solve for the problem.
Is lead gen growth really your problem? e.g. is an engaged audience more valuable to you.

Love how Marco Arment approaches everything to do with app design and usability

e.g. it never pops up with annoying requests to ask you to rate the app (see the Feedback section below):

Shot 4: General Tip of the Week

HubSpot – Drift – Slack integration

btw love the menu on the Drift site that changes as you scroll down the page – since it signals your intent

Shot 5: State of Inbound Item of the Week

The Effectiveness of Advertising in Asia Pacific: https://research.hubspot.com/reports/effectiveness-of-advertising-in-asia-pacific

Popup and telemarketing has an extremely negative experience on people!

Shot 6: HubSpot Resource of the Week

Easily Add an Image Gallery to Your Landing Pages or Website

When you’re working on creating content, figuring out how to insert a gallery of images should not be the most time-consuming part of your day. Today we’re happy to introduce a brand-new module available in all HubSpot accounts, the Image Gallery.

The new image gallery has a number of enhancements, but one of the most notable is that it features progressive loading. When adding multiple images to your gallery, don’t want them to load all at once for visitors. It’s bad for their load times, and does not provide a great experience unless they are on a really fast internet connection. The new module will load the first image and progressively load other images based on the visitor clicking through each.

Shot 7: Listener Tip of the Week

How to use login pages to communicate to customers

Shot 8: Podcast of the Week

George B Thomas followed us! https://twitter.com/HubShots/status/757451896365854720

HubCast podcast: https://www.thesaleslion.com/hubcast-podcast/

Shot 9: Quote of the Week

“Vision without Action is Hallucination” – Thomas Edison

Shot 10: App of the Week

Overcast podcast app for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/overcast-podcast-player/id888422857?mt=8
Check out the skeptics FAQ!

Adjust podcast playing speed – the most efficient, and lossless player I’ve used.

HubShots Episode 44