HubShots is an unofficial weekly Aussie HubSpot podcast, hosted by Ian Jacob and Craig Bailey.

(For the sake of clarity, please note this is an independent podcast – we are not affiliated with, nor officially endorsed by HubSpot. But having said that, we get lots of support and ‘encouragement’ from them – Mads is a fan!)

HubShots is ideal for busy, time-poor Marketing Managers who need a quick update on the latest happenings in inbound marketing and tips for using the HubSpot platform.

We aim to provide quick insights, tips and recommendations to help improve marketing and sales results.

About Ian Jacob

Ian is the founder and CEO of Search & Be Found.
@ianjacob | LinkedIn
Ian Jacob

About Craig Bailey

Craig is the founder and Technical Director of XEN Systems.
@craigbailey | LinkedIn
Craig Bailey


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