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Episode 42: HubSpot Competitor Manager, Marketing Qualifications, HubSpot BETA items, Latest Content Marketing Research

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This episode of HubShots brought to you by our HubSpot HealthCheck service:

Welcome to Episode 42 of HubShots!

Recorded: Thursday 14 July 2016

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Did you know that we had slides in episode 38 and episode 39?

Shot 1: Inbound Thought of the Week

Only 117 days until Inbound 2016: http://inboundcountdown.com

Inbound Training > http://www.inbound.com/inbound16/trainings

Prediction: Ellie Goulding for the main entertainment event: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellie_Goulding

Shot 2: HubSpot Feature/Tip of the Week

Using the Competitor Manager: https://app.hubspot.com/competitors/
A quick tip for people who may have forgotten about it

HubSpot has a ton of tools that are easy to forget about. We might look at the Keyword tool in a future episode

Shot 3: Challenge of the Week

HubSpot COS scenario – wanting to have 2 web sites using the Website Add-on

HubSpot COS = HubSpot Website Platform
On average, customers who use the HubSpot Website Platform to power their inbound marketing generate 10-20% more traffic than marketers using another CMS. Find out how.

Shot 4: Opinion of the Week

Mark Ritson: Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t an ‘expert’ in marketing be trained in marketing?

Brilliant example of creating buzz – this is an example of using content to drive reaction, and then push to an upsell to his mini-MBA offering

Shot 5: General Tip of the Week


Example of a HubShots promotion where we spent $100. It got 169 post likes – yay, but only 4 link clicks! Goes to show the trap of vanity metrics:

Facebook Marketing Fail!

Shot 6: State of Inbound Item of the Week


Notice the increase in use of Facebook as a news source:

Consumer behaviour

Notice that people consume video thoroughly, but not podcasts:

Consumer behaviour

One interesting benefit of podcasts – it’s one of the few content sources you can skim and do other things (eg drive, work out, commute in general, walk, have on in the background)

Shot 7: What’s Coming in HubSpot Item of the Week

In BETA currently:

  • One-click to add received email to CRM > Currently you can forward emails from any mail client into the CRM using the address @forward.hubspot.com.
  • Ability to add Blog Author Bio module we can add to the blog page
  • Add the ability to have captions on photos in blog

Shot 8: Podcast of the Week

Congrats to the HubCast on their 100th episode! https://www.thesaleslion.com/hubcast-podcast/

Shot 9: App of the Week

Facebook Pages App: https://www.facebook.com/help/463079013702512/

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HubShots Episode 42

This episode of HubShots brought to you by our HubSpot HealthCheck service:

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