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HubShots Episode 46: HubSpot Email Smart Send, Building Your First Inbound Campaign

This episode of HubShots brought to you by our HubSpot HealthCheck service:

Welcome to Episode 46 of HubShots!

Recorded: 08 August 2016 – Published: 18 August 2016

Welcome to the Olympic edition

Shot 1: Inbound Thought of the Week

Ali Wong is the comedian (last year it was Amy Schumer)


91 days and counting to INBOUND! http://inboundcountdown.com 

Chris Brogan’s post on how to survive as an introvert at a big event:


See also Craig’s wife’s tip:


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Shot 2: HubSpot Feature/Tip of the Week

Email Smart Send


Schedule your email to adjust to each recipient’s local time zone.

Shout out to Chris Mottram who produces our podcast: http://www.mottrammediagroup.com/ 

pasted image 0 1

Craig’s request: make it available for RSS-to-Email sends as well…

Shot 3: Challenge of the Week

Customers wanting to put sales content in the awareness stage.

We’re working on an ebook campaign with a major brand – the ebook provides high value content for people starting their journey. There’s a second ebook and full email nurture campaign designed that will guide contacts along their journey. Everything was signed off, but at the last minute the GM has questioned the ebook and asked for a 4 page sales promotion to be added to the first ebook…

The Buyer’s Journey:



Shot 4: Opinion of the Week

I like Instagram Stories

Haven’t found anyone who doesn’t… really liked how Kevin Systrom gave snapchat all the credit for the stories format and then spoke about the value of formats:


Eg News feed, hashtags, @usernames, filters are examples of formats

Innovation can include taking an existing format and applying to a new platform/audience

Shot 5: General Tip of the Week

Instagram Stories > Swiping left to access publishing immediately!

Shot 6: State of Inbound Item of the Week

Setting up your first Inbound campaign in HubSpot

Check out the Projects available in the Productivity menu

Over the next few weeks we’re going to discuss the Content Offer Campaign:

pasted image 0 3

View the template and Add to your projects.

Click on each item to see instructions for each step

  • Content creation => content offer => persona => buyer’s journey stage
  • Content campaign
  • Content promotion



Always map your content offer to your buyer personas and a buyer’s journey stage.

Buyers Journey and Content

Shot 7: Motivation of the Week

Unsubscribe from all your noisy newsletters!

Also try Unroll.me (thanks Chris)

Shot 8: Resource of the Week

Redirects will potentially give full value – Google will work it out:


Shot 9: Community Item of the Week

AdWords expanded text ads:


Shot 10: Podcast of the Week

Content Sells episode 34: Content Plan – The Can’t-Get-It-Wrong Content Marketing Strategy



Excellent reminder of planning out content

Shot 11: App of the Week

Instagram – play with Instagram stories

HubShots Episode 46

This episode of HubShots brought to you by our HubSpot HealthCheck service:

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